In MiniMax we introduce a new responsive behavior concept
This theme is permanently responsive; from 185 to 1850px bi-directionally.
The middle layout is 960px + dinamic text size ( optionally). This modular layout is rearranged so that the page width remain costantly. Every column float during the window resizing.

This theme is ready also for large screens like iMac and televisions. The larger the screen, the greater the optimum comfortable viewing distance. The responsive grid with 4 elements is the best solution.
Stacks Image 667

Columns and title with bounce effect on/off

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The graphic appears only when needed on/off

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Responsive navigation with big text

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Split navigation and drop menu

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Built-In WebFonts for classes and navigation

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Theme option: Responsive Images

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    Caption Text

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    Caption Text

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    Caption Text

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    Caption Text

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Flexible Layout


We build themes that look great across all devices from smartphone to large screen. With MINIMAX you can get all those mobile users looking at your site.
If you need a solid theme for you ( or your clients) Minimax is the best choise. With Minimax you can build a professional theme.



This theme supports the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Safari Mobile and Android. Intenet Explorer: The theme run smoothly in internet explorer 8/9/10 ( also the older IE8 with responsive layout).


Stacks   Demo page

This theme has been improved for Stacks Plugin by YourHead. We've tested several 3rd Stacks and you can check some examples in this site.

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