50/75/100/150/ 200/250 millisecond


Spin Extra Options
20°/ 30°/ 40°/ 45°/ 50°/ 60°/ 70°/ 80°/ 90° + 180°/ 360°



Social Icons




  • This is the Extracontent area
  • in this area you can place text, links and images
  • This area is visible only if the Navigation menu is opened
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Infinite combinations to customize the theme

 Drop Images Here 

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Theme Options

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Page Styles: 3 styles + color option.

Background Styles: Banner image +15 Big Images + 4 tiles + color option.

Background Grid (fixed): 7 styles of transparent texture over the background.

Background Grid (scroll): 4 styles of transparent texture over the background.

Toolbar Options and Extracontent 3 and 4: 7 backgrounds

Colours Options: With RW you can edit the text color, the page background and also the Extracontent Background.

Widths: 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300 pixel + Fluid Width ( max 1800pixel)

Extracontent: Extra Content top (n1) and bottom ( n2) + Ext. 3 and 4 in toolbar ( opened toolbar)

Combo Options: Theme customized options are effective if easy to use. We have created a small list of favorite options to help you manage the theme easily and quickly. Each entry of the quick menu corresponds to a standard full menu!

Back to Top Button: ( arrow) with animated scroll.

Offline WebFont: 12 Web Fonts ( global classes and titles)
Tooltip: White and black styles

Social icons: A lot of icons with major social networks.

Awesome icons: Embedded library with a lot of icons, easy to use.

Logo: Logo is available for this theme.

Photo Album : Classic album with new page style or with Slideshow through prettyphoto.

Responsive Image:Turn any image in a responsive image without external plugins.

Expanded Toolbar: If this option is turned On the navigation menu is expanded.

Toolbar special options:
- Hide/show the Arrow icon
- multiple backgrounds
- Text uppercase / webbing on-off
- Drop navigation ( classic) or Accordion

- Submenu Inline
- Expanded submenu A/B: only the second level (A) or all structure (B).


SlideShow available through the Stacks plugin or PlusKit Plugin or Global Content and /or with Extracontent.

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Custom Tooltip

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In this theme you can customize the link caption.
White and Black colors. You can turn OFF/ON the option.

" try this example "