Lode Features



3 Extracontent areas

Animation Kit

Animate any object

Social icons

A lot of icons with Awesome Icons




No Stacks Page

Page without stacks

Responsive Layout


Change Background

Replace the background image

Stacks 4 ready

Stacks Examples

Offline WebFonts

20 fonts, titles and classes

Key Features

Clean Design, Elegant layout, Smooth animations and a lot of styles!
CSS filters for Banner image
Color options for Layout and text.
Sliders for text size
Options for iPad and iPhone
3 Extracontent areas
Perfect logo ( autosize)
Back to top button
Multiple Widths
Fade-in effects
Photo Album with PrettyPhoto
Built-in icons + Plus code
Social Icon with Awesome Fonts
Styled Tooltip
20 Embedded WebFonts

Stacks Image 2150
Stacks Image 2151
Stacks Image 2155
Stacks Image 2156
Stacks Image 2159
Stacks Image 2160
Stacks Image 2161
Stacks Image 2162
Stacks Image 2163
Stacks Image 2164
Stacks Image 2165

Full List

Max Width:
850, 900, 950, 1000, 1050, 1150, 1200, 1250, 1300

Navigation :
Horizontal navigation
+ vertical menu with Trigger button.

Background: Body
9 images + custom color + Banner Image (Cover + Tile)

Photo Album:
Classic album + Slideshow through prettyphoto. Option in “[+] Combo options:”

3 extra content areas.

Responsive Image:
Apply the responsive behavior to any image

WebFonts ( offline fonts):
20 fonts for classes, toolbar and sitemap page.

Content Page and ExtraContent Text
- Lucida Grande / Helvetica Neue / Verdana / Georgia / Times

Content Page and ExtraContent Text
Change text size with Slider

- Transparent button background
- Transparent Horizontal Nav. background
- Fixed navigation
- WebFont Off Horizontal navigation
- Text uppercase

Responsive Options:
Build in support for iPad / tablets / iPhone / Smartphone

Awesome icons + Plus code:
Full support for the Awesome icons with our "Plus" code. Simple code to animate text, icons and images. All social-icons are available through the Awesome font.
Extracontent Options:
- Extra Content 3 (open/close): Off
- Extra Content 1: full width
- Extra Content 2: full width

Combo options [+] :
Theme customized options are effective if easy to use. We have created a small list of favorite options to help you manage the theme easily and quickly. Each entry of the quick menu corresponds to a standard full menu!

- Layout: Back to top Button
- Layout: Slide-In Navigation
- Layout: Fade-In page
- Layout: Rounded corner
- Layout: Tooltip (choose color below)
- Text justified
- Sitemap Page: Show structure
- Photo Album: PrettyPhoto SlideShow
- Force "Open link in new window" via Javascript

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