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Get a fully customizable, mobile-friendly, and fast Professional Template. Lumi is a modern, unique and professional responsive HTML 5 template for corporate business and Artists. Lumi comes with different styles and it is perfect for building a modern and fully responsive website

Template Styles

20+ Theme style presets, some demos


LUMI Pro expands the already powerful standard version in RapidWeaver Classic
Compare features between LUMILITE and LUMI

Content Page Classes Gradient

Add Gradient to text ot text background   PRO

BG animations

Animate the page background with fantastic effects made in GIF + Blur CSS   PRO

Layout Options

Boxed or Wide layout and 4 extracontent areas, customizable colours and backgrounds

Banner Image

  • In Body
  • in ExtraContent 1 and 2   PRO
  • Cover, Tiles, Off
  • 6 Animated BG ( scroll & Fixed)   PRO
  • Banner Image - Scoll Parallax   PRO

Content Font:

- Default font: Helvetica Neue
- Lucida Grande   PRO
- Verdana   PRO
- Georgia   PRO
- Times

Max Width

Nav Fixed On/Off

Variabile Width with Slider
950 to 2500pixel

Hero Page with Scroll Button

Scroll Button with custom colour   PRO

Logo size

Variabile height with Slider
50 to 150pixel

BreakPoint Navigation

Mobile and Desktop version

  • Mobile only (compact nav)   PRO
  • 800 Pixel Scroll & Fixed
  • 900 Pixel Scroll & Fixed
  • 1000 Pixel Scroll & Fixed
  • 1100 Pixel Scroll & Fixed


3 Extracontents ( Free Stack enclosed)   PRO

Responsive video

Snipped for responsive video   PRO

Embedded WebFont:

Classes + Titles and Navigation:

1: Montserrat Medium
2: Montserrat Bold
3: Raleway
4: Ubuntu   PRO
5: Signika   PRO
6: Viga   PRO
7: Fjalla One   PRO
8: Fjalla One Uppercase   PRO
9: Archivoblack   PRO
10: Playfair   PRO
11: Ruluko   PRO
12: Archivo Narrow   PRO

Combo options [+] :

Theme customized options are effective if easy to use.
We have created a small list of favorite options to help you manage the theme easily and quickly.

Responsive nav - 50% width

Back to Top Button

Layout: Rounded Corners

Sitemap Page: Boxed Layout

Awesome Font Embedded Library

Force "Open link in new window"   PRO

Breadcrumb: Show in footer

Side Breadcrumb.Text & BG

Breadcrumb in footer

Hide BG: Page, Box Shadow   PRO
Titles Style & Ex1 Text Colour

  • Titles Animation   PRO
  • Hide logo or Titles   PRO
  • Titles Font Style
  • ExtraContent Colours   PRO
  • Text Uppercase
  • Customize Text Shadow with Slider
  • Show Banner Image in EX1   PRO
  • BreadcrumbContainer Colour
  • BreadcrumbContainer: Show in footer

Extracontent 1 Classes Gradient
• BG Gradient Col 1 & 2   PRO
• Class H1 Big (you can use also class: bigger)
Page & Ex2 Text Colour

  • Page Text and background colours
  • ExtraContent 2 BG Colour   PRO
  • Text Size with Slider
  • Customize Text Shadow with Slider
  • ExtraContent 2 full width   PRO
  • Hide page and Ex2 background   PRO
  • Show Banner Image in EX2   PRO
  • BreadcrumbContainer in footer   PRO
  • EX2 Banner opacity   PRO

Page Classes Gradient
• BG Gradient Col 1 & 2   PRO
• Class H1 Big (you can use also class: bigger)   PRO

Privacy Message Style

  • Text Size14/18 Pixel   PRO
  • Custom Colour text & BG   PRO
  • Center Content & Add Margin   PRO
  • Content Page Shadow with Slider   PRO
  • Button BG & Rounded Corners   PRO

Progress Bar

  • Show Progress Bar   PRO
  • Gradient Colours 1 & 2   PRO
  • Bar thickness   PRO
  • View below   PRO
  • Hide in small devices   PRO

Body Overlay

  • Gradient Colours 1(solid) & 2 (transparent)
  • Blending mode   PRO
  • Position colour 1 and 2
  • Hide Gradient Background
RW Built-in Pages


Lumi Pro Template

WEBFONTS Built-in Fonts
SOCIAL ICONS Built-in Libraries
EXTRACONTENT 4 Extracontent Areas
BLENDING & ANIMATIONS Animation with Blend Modes

Example Project File RapidWeaver Plugins & Stacks
Extra RWML Project File Multilingual demo
Stack ExtraContent Stack for EX areas (requires Stacks)
Classes to add Backdrop blur or Animation to any stack


RapidWeaver 8 & Classic
Stacks Plugin 4

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