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Version: 1.0.1 - RapidWeaver 8, RapidWeave Classic & Stacks | Browser: Chrome, Safari, Opera, Brave, Firefox, Edge.


With this Slider you can trigger many things!

3 Options

Slide to show a message

Cuirtomizable message with icon and link
+ Animated frame with custom speed

Slide to send E-mail

E-mail + Subject + Body
Customize message with your email

Slide to open URL

Open URL & open URL in New Window
Link to project & web pages + RW resources

Examples of sliders with link to web pages, downloads, email, phone number and messages.
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Test the stack on mobile



Add your phrase "Buy Now" or "Visit This Site" and add a link
Take a look so you’ll have an idea of what to do when making your slider!

Slide Phone call
Make calls without showing the number on your page

Slide Send Email
Write an emails without showing the address on your page

Slide Link
Open the link on the same page or in a new window


Slide Text Content + Link
Show info and add a link in the panel

Slide Text Content
Show info and coupons in the panel

Slide Documents
Downloads documents from RW resources or external links

Slide Google Map
Highlights a link to your map

Slide V-Card
Downloads of your V-card


Edit Mode
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Slide Action Style

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Slider | Add link
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  The stack works with internal JS, so it can't handle linking to javascript:void(0) or linking to Classes. It works with link to URL, Project pages & RW Resources
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  Due to limitations on mobile devices (for actions without a click ) the link to "new window" is available through a PopUp.

Slide Options

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Slide Options

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Slider Style

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Icons List
Slider and Info Panel

Stack + Demo Project with all examples
For RapidWeaver 8, Classic & Stacks

RW8/Classic & Stacks4/5