In this theme you can use 15 WebFonts for titles and Classes.
All fonts are embedded in the theme and you can use the template also offline
Thanks to the “Plus Code” you can animate any text or icon.

WebFont Number 1   WebFont Number 2   WebFont Number 3   WebFont Number 4   WebFont Number 5   WebFont Number 6   WebFont Number 7   WebFont Number 8   WebFont Number 9   WebFont Number 10   WebFont Number 11   WebFont Number 12   WebFont Number 13     WebFont Number 14   WebFont Number 15

Animated text with Plus code

Demo text + related code


Font 1

<p class="fa-max-50 font-1 fa-scale-inverse fa-inline-block">Web</p> <p class="fa-max-50 font-1 fa-slide-right fa-inline-block"> Font 1</p>

WebFont 2

<p class="fa-max-50 font-2 fa-slide-left fa-inline-block">WebFont 2</p>

WebFont 3

<p class="fa-max-50 font-3 fa-beat fa-inline-block">WebFont 3</p>

WebFont 4

<p class="fa-max-50 font-4 fa-blow-white-out fa-inline-block">WebFont 4</p>

WebFont 5

<p class="fa-max-50 font-5 fa-spin-20 fa-inline-block">WebFont 5</p>

WebFont 6

<p class="fa-max-50 font-6 fa-flip-horizontal-100 fa-inline-block">WebFont 6</p>


Font 7

<p class="fa-max-50 font-7 fa-scale fa-inline-block">Web</p> <p class="fa-max-50 font-7 fa-slide-right fa-inline-block"> Font 7</p>

WebFont 8

<p class="fa-max-50 font-1 fa-fade-100 fa-inline-block">WebFont 8</p>

WebFont 9

<p class="fa-max-50 font-9 fa-spin-360 fa-inline-block">WebFont 9</p>

Responsive text without plugins

Responsive Text

Responsive Text

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