Up to date: • jQuery / CSS 3 / HTML5

Awesome font + Plus code: Awesome icons + Plus Code for animations.

Responsive Layout: responsive from 240 to 719pixel

Responsive On/Off: Selectively applying responsive layout

multiple font size: default, small and big size.

header Styles: 4 Style (skin) variations of the same theme.

Toolbar: double toolbar, horizontal with drop menu or horizontal ( first level) + submenu in sidebar.

Logo: Logo is avalilable for this theme. ( 200x65 pixel )

Title: Title text may be placed on the right side or centered in two sizes

Width: 750, 850 900, 1000, 1050, 1100, 1150, 1200pixel

Sidebar: Left, Left + submenu in sidebar, Right, Right + submenu in sidebar, Hide, splash Page

Font Size: Multiple font sizes with further options for the responsive behavior.
Fonts + WebFont 4 regular fonts + 8 webfonts ( global classes + titles)

Photo Album : Photo Album page style has been modified. Now you can change width and height space between thumbnails.
Is available also the Slideshow with prettyphoto

Colours Options: You can edit also the colour of some styles in this theme: Text, links and toolbar colours.

Combo Options
: miscellaneous options about structure and text features. Theme customized options are effective if easy to use. We have created a small list of favourite options to help you manage the theme easily and quickly

Styles: 4 Style (skin) variations of the same theme + 4 Styles editables with RWmultitool

Horizontal menu: infinite sub-menus available

Extracontent: 2x Extra Content available

Social icons: A lot of icons with major social networks.

Awesome icons: A lot of icons for the content and the navigation. Extra option with animation for icon links. Note: the spin rotation is not available in IE8/9

EXTRACONTENT 2 You can use the Extracontent area through Stacks + extracontent stack or with the "import((page))" option with the Pluskit plugin.
  • Stacks Image 820

    Caption Text

  • Stacks Image 821

    Caption Text


Double navigation

In this theme you can choose the horizontal navbar or the second version with submenu in the sidebar
Key Features