Perfect Frame

Duccio is suitable for any use, and for each device. Simple design and the animated frame are its best features. Its structure is clear and easy to surf, from a small phone to any large screen.

Elegant Blur

Two styles, two different concepts with blur effects. The Blur effect , in perfect iOS Style, doesn’t require plugins and it is visible in all desktop browsers.  

Page in focus


Top in focus


Build better websites faster with these powerful theme features.

• Banner Image RapidWeaver
• Parallax srollin
• Color options for Layout and text.
• Customize Style "Privacy Policy Message"
• link to home page in the logo image
• 3 Extracontent areas
• Multiple background images
• Options for Stacks

• Fade-in effects in titles and slogan
• Photo Album with PrettyPhoto
• Social Icon
• Awesome icons + Plus code
• Styled Tooltip
• 15 WebFont (embedded)
• Back to top button
• Multiple Widths
• Options for Stacks


framing your style

 Drop Images Here 

Stacks Image 11669
Stacks Image 11671
Stacks Image 11673
Stacks Image 11675
Stacks Image 11677
Stacks Image 11679
Stacks Image 11681
Stacks Image 11683
Stacks Image 11685
Stacks Image 11687
Stacks Image 11689
Stacks Image 11691
Stacks Image 11693
Stacks Image 11695
Stacks Image 11697
Stacks Image 11699
Stacks Image 11701
Stacks Image 11703
Stacks Image 11705
Stacks Image 11707

New in version 1.3.0

Improved "Privacy Policy Message" with new options
Font style: Helvetica Neue, Lucida Grande, Verdana and Georgia.

Compatible with RW8 | Classic

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