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Try the standard version in RapidWeaver Classic
PR O version
Lander Pro expands the already powerful standard version available in RapidWeaver Classic

Lander Pro is a Modern, Clean and Flat Responsive Theme.
A Professional multi-purpose theme that is designed for people who seeks to make their site with less effort and less time!

Multilingual DEMO

Explore a full site made with RWML Stack by Stacks4Stacks
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If you buy the theme you will also receive the RWML project.
The demo version of RWML will simply display 'RWML demo version' at the bottom left in the page. All features and functionality of RWML will work fine in demo mode.

Banner image with Parallax

Responsive layout

Drop navigation

Multiple widths

Edit Font and background colors

Awesome Icons library

Responsive Images in all pages

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Lander Pro expands the already powerful standard version
Compare features between Lander Standard and Lander

Responsive Options

Build in support for iPad / tablets / iPhone / Smartphone

Banner Parallax

Add parallax to header image - Fast
Add parallax to header image - Slow   PRO

Awesome Font


Icons and social icons. Built-in library
Version 4
Version 5 & 6   PRO

Loading Page effects

  • Fade-In Page
  • Fade-In Header   PRO
  • Zoom-In Header   PRO

Banner Image

Just drag your image !

Customizable with “Banner image”

Banner Image CSS Filters

Stacks Image 23719

Customizable with Slider

  • Contrast PRO
  • Brightness PRO
  • Saturate PRO
  • Invert PRO
  • Grayscale PRO
  • Sepia PRO
  • Opacity PRO

Multiple Image

4 further backgrounds   PRO
Customizable with external image editor / RW “resources”

Banner image height

Vertical Marking

  • 250 Pixel   PRO
  • 300 Pixel   PRO
  • 400 Pixel
  • 500 Pixel
  • 600 Pixel
  • 700 Pixel
  • Small PRO
  • Hide PRO


Sidebar + Etracontent3

  • 900 Pixel
  • 950 Pixel   PRO
  • 1000 Pixel
  • 1050 Pixel   PRO
  • 1100 Pixel
  • 1200 Pixel
  • 1300 Pixel   PRO
  • 1400 Pixel   PRO

Drop Navigation

Navigation with 4 sub-levels
Single menu for all devices

Content Text Size

Stacks Image 23711

Font size with Slider

  • 14 to 22pixel PRO

Max Width

  • 1000 Pixel
  • 1100 Pixel
  • 1200 Pixel
  • 1300 Pixel
Stacks Image 23690

Variabile Width with Slider

  • 1000 to 2500pixel PRO

Built-in WebFonts

  • Classes + Titles:
  • Raleway
  • Ruluko
  • Open Sans Condensed
  • Bree Serif
  • Signika   PRO
  • Capriola   PRO
  • Archivo Narrow   PRO
  • Abel   PRO
  • Playfair   PRO
  • Montserrat   PRO
  • Fjallaone   PRO
  • Viga   PRO
  • Ubuntu   PRO
  • Archivoblack   PRO
  • DosislRegular   PRO
  • CinzeRegular   PRO
  • Lato   PRO
  • Lato Bold   PRO

Font Size

  • Text Size with Slider PRO
  • "MENU", text Size with Slider PRO
  • "MENU", Letter spacing with Slider PRO

Content Font

  • Default font: Lucida Grande
  • Helvetica Neue   PRO
  • Verdana   PRO
  • Georgia   PRO
  • Raleway   PRO
  • Montserrat   PRO
  • Lato   PRO

Extracontent 4X

  • Exteacontent 1 Top   PRO
  • Exteacontent 2 Bottom   PRO
  • Exteacontent 3 in Sidebar   PRO
  • Exteacontent 4 in Drop Nav.   PRO

Privacy Policy Banner Style

  • Text, Bg and Button Colours   PRO
  • Change text size   PRO
  • Center content & Add padding   PRO
  • Change font Helvetica Neue, Lucida Grande, Verdana, Georgia   PRO
  • BackDrop Filter   PRO
  • Align : Center, Top, Bottoma and Right   PRO

Extracontent Options

  • Exteacontent 1 Pagging Off   PRO
  • Exteacontent 2 Pagging Off   PRO
  • Exteacontent 4 Pagging Off   PRO
  • Text: justified   PRO

Colors - Navigation

  • Links - Default
  • Links - Highlight
  • Button Color

Colors - Layout

  • Title and Slogan
  • Page text, links and background
  • Sidebar text, links and baclground.
  • Body background and footer text

Colors - Extracontent 1 + 2

  • Links - Default   PRO
  • Links - Highlight   PRO
  • Text   PRO
  • Background   PRO

Combo options [+]

Theme customized options are effective if easy to use.
We have created a small list of favorite options to help you manage the theme easily and quickly.

Back to Top Button

Back to Top Button Centered PRO

Banner Image: Show dots grid

Title and Slogan: Dark Shadow

Breadcrumbcontainer in footer

Text: justified

Navigation: Uppercase

Fluid image
StyledText+Blog (edge to edge)

Hide Navigation PRO

Apply Blur to Titles and Slogan PRO

Hide "MENU" in small Devices PRO

Rounded Corners PRO

Force "Open link in new window" PRO

What you get

  • Theme for RW8/Classic/Elements
  • RW8/Classic Project   PRO
  • ExtraContent Stack   PRO
  • Further images and codes   PRO
  • Demo Project for RWML Multilingual   PRO (external stack)


<p class=" bannertext ">Your text</p><span class="bannertext">Your text</span>

Use a simple class " bannertext " to add the banner image into your text


Stacks Image 23902
Add the " bannerbackground " class to any element to fill the background with the banner image


Lander Pro Template

WEBFONTS Built-in Fonts
SOCIAL ICONS Built-in Libraries
EXTRACONTENT Extracontent Areas
10+ Styles Change theme style quickly

Example Project File RapidWeaver Plugins & Stacks
Free Stack ExtraContent Stack for EX areas (requires Stacks)
RWML Project for Multilingiual sites (external stack)


RW8 / Classic
Stacks Plugin
Unlimited Websites
Free Theme Updates

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