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Versatile and Modern Theme

for RapidWeaver 8, Classic

Background Animations

Animation made with Hype!


Hype Professional is the most advanced app for creating stunning animated and interactive web content. The best companion for RapidWeaver!
Animation in RW, read more in HypeDocks

We are Hype Experts!
Animations or custom background for this theme? Drop us an email with your request!

Multilingual DEMO

Explore a full site made with RWML Stack by Stacks4Stacks
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If you buy the theme you will also receive the RWML project.
The demo version of RWML will simply display 'RWML demo version' at the bottom left in the page. All features and functionality of RWML will work fine in demo mode.

Layers + Filters

10 Animations

Built-in Libraries

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Drop Navigation

Variable width, custom colors, text size, WebFonts and ExtraContent area for further contents

HTML5 animations

The first RW theme with animated vector shapes. The set with 10 scenes is made specifically for LUX

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Layout Options

Variable with, left/bottom sidebar, 3 extracontent areas, customizable colours and backgrounds
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RW 8 / Classic

In its original flavour, LUX showcases a clean and contemporary look fit for a range of purposes; employing the many colour scheme and font pairing options opens up a new level of aesthetic opportunity
LUX is a stunning canvas awaiting your touch!
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Banner Image
Background + Top page

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CSS filters
Banner image with filters

LUX is GDPR Compliant
No calls to any third-party hosted libraries, such as JQuery or Google Fonts; all resources are embedded!.

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