What's New in 3.0.5

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- Erased Comments in HTML files
- Solved issue in iPad layout (responsive CSS )
- Theme images Optimized
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classical and ancient

  • Sometimes, it just takes a small detail to build a different site
  • OldPage is a professional theme in antique style
  • Responsive design and elegant navigation
  • A lot of options allow you to customize the theme
  • OldPage is ready for Stacks plugins!
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3 Styles

• Old Page: classic and neutral "aged" style, with lines and graphics page options.

• Pentagramma: hybrid music style, with stave and tuning-fork.

• Old Page and Tickets: Colorful style, rich in details.

Old Page is a sample in our trendy style graphics production. It is our way to do classics, with plenty of customization options, to please every taste.

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All Built-in pages are fully responsive

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Theme option: Responsive Images

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Responsive navigation with big text

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Drop navigation button

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Drop navigation (3 styles)

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Back to Top Button with scroll animation

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Extracontnt Styles

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Elegant " current page" title

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Built-In WebFonts classes / navigation

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Extra images

This theme is much more flexible and it enables a better way to present your web site

Old Page samples

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