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Clean and modern-looking titles

Hype Theme contains 16 unique title animations.
The titles are quick to render and don’t require any plugins or stack to use!

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Modern theme and fantastic titles!

HYPE is a modern, responsive RW theme that builds any type of page design easily with standard RW plugins or Stacks Plugin. The theme has capacity of all kind of business websites including Corporate, PortFolio, eCommerce, Fullscreen, Shop and Clean design! Easy to use theme settings! Demo project ready to use.

RapidWeaver 8 Theme

In its original flavour, LUX showcases a clean and contemporary look fit for a range of purposes; employing the many colour scheme and font pairing options opens up a new level of aesthetic opportunity
LUX is a stunning canvas awaiting your touch!

Template for RapidWeaver 8


The title can be combined with backgrounds and colours to make an Hero page with good impact. An option is available to show the scroll button.

Layout Options

Variable width, left/bottom sidebar, 2 extracontent areas, customizable colours and backgrounds

HTML5 animations

Another RW theme with animated vector shapes. The set with 16 titles animations is made specifically for HYPE

16 Templates

Built-In pages

Built-in Libraries

Hype Theme is GDPR Compliant
No calls to any third-party hosted libraries, such as HTML5 animations or JQuery.

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