Code used in this animation

<p class="fa-max-150 font-17 fa-scale-inverse fa-inline-block">Hello</p> <p class="fa-max-150 font-17 fa-rock fa-inline-block"> !</p>

This is the Extracontent 4




Modern Theme


Regen breaks the rules with a stunning new design

     The Blur effect , in perfect iOS style, doesn’t require plugins.      

 Drop Images Here 

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Regen Retina

Regen comes with 11 page styles.
Full support to retina for page graphics; the theme contains a different graphic version for each device (with different resolutions) with normal or retina screen (1x or 2x).
Dedicated codes for Apple devices, Nexus, Galaxy and generic Android devices with retina display.

Build better websites faster with these powerful theme features.

• Query / CSS 3 / HTML5
• Banner image Option RW7/8
• Color options for Layout and text.
• Advanced Drop Navigation
• Support for tablets Nexus and Galaxy
• Options for iPad and iPhone
• link to home page in the logo image
• 4 Extracontent areas
• Multiple background images

• Options for Stacks
• Fade-in effects in top toolbar
• Photo Album with PrettyPhoto
• Social Icon
• Awesome icons + Plus code
• Styled Tooltip
• Classic WebFonts (embedded fonts)
• Back to top button with several options
• Multiple Widths
• Options for Stacks

Banner Image

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Built-In WebFonts for titles and classes


Theme option: Responsive Images

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Extracontent areas

Stacks Image 15169

Edit colors with Color Picker

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Protect your images: Drag + Right click


Theme option: responsive icons


Rounded Thumbnails (on/off)


Theme option: Responsive styled text


Responsive Navigation


Sitemap Page


Drop navigation in pure CSS

Regen is suitable for any use, and for each device. Simple design and horizontal navigation its best features. Its structure is clear and easy to surf, from a small phone to any large screen.