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Theme for RapidWeaver 8 | Classic | Elements

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Powerful theme with super clean design and tons of cool features.
Simdex is a modern, lightweight, fully customizable Responsive RW theme, which includes 20+ ready-to-use Styles

Built-in Fonts

Built-in Libraries

Built-in Libraries

15 Styles

20+ Styles ready to use

CSS Filters
Brightness / Contrast / Saturate / Invert / Grayscale / Sepia / Opacity + Blur
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RW Sliders
Sindex ships the RW8/Classic "sliders" for text size, global Width and more
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SINDEX is GDPR Compliant
No calls to any third-party hosted libraries, such as JQuery or Google Fonts; all resources are embedded!.


Responsive Layout
Multiple Widths
Vertical navigation
Fade-in effects
Social Icon with Awesome Fonts
Built-In WebFonts
Back to top button
Banner Image
Multiple layouts
Color options for Layout and text
Perfect logo (autosize)
CSS filters for Body BG
3 Extracontent Areas
Free Extracontent Stack
Customize Style "Progress bar"
Customize Style "Privacy Policy"
Custom Box on CSS
No External link or resources
Customizable Side Bar
Customizable Toolbar
Demo project
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Demo Project:

An extended version of the demo online is available with the theme. Demo project with RapidWeaver pages and Stack pages (external plugin). Easy to use and customize.
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Sindex Features
RW Built-in Pages


Sindex Template

WEBFONTS Built-in Fonts
SOCIAL ICONS Built-in Libraries
EXTRACONTENT Extracontent Areas
20+ Styles Change theme style quickly

Example Project File RapidWeaver Plugins & Stacks
Stack ExtraContent Stack for EX areas (requires Stacks)


RW8 | Classic
Stacks Plugin 4 & 5
Unlimited Websites
Free Theme Updates

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Version 1.0.3:

- Solved issue in “Back to top” option.
- Solved issue Privacy Message Style CSS.
- Optimized Internal BG images.
- Updated internal JS library.

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