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Stacks Image 113882

Version: 1.0.1 - RW8/Classic & Stacks
Browser: Chrome, Safari, Opera, Brave, Firefox, Edge.

Stacks Image 114336
Show your idea using two images instead of one!
Useful for any type of area; Dynamic Promo, fasthion intro, online shopping promos etc
You can play with demos in the demo project to get inspired.


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16 Animations: Fade / Zoom / Slide / Rotate / Fall

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Stacks Image 114150
Stacks Image 114152
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Key Features


This stack is completely reactive, you can set selectively the breakpoint, From Wide screen to a smartphone.

Hype Pro

The HypePro based Stacks is the next generation of packages with original contents for RapidWeaver. All animations are designed exclusively for Stacks.


A dashboard is available in Edit Mode with basic settings, the settings changes are reflected in the UI. You Can show/hide the preview for BG images.

Add Link to Stack

This Stack turns also any stack into a hover link. Add a link to the full banner.
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"Double" Stack Options

Template setting
Stacks Image 114023
Edit Mode Tools
- Hide/Show panel
- Hide/Show the BG preview
- Hide Stack Preview
Responsive setting
Stacks Image 114035
Stacks Image 114037
Add Link to Stack
Stacks Image 114103
Stacks Image 114066
Trigger Animation
Apply animation on mouse hover to your images
Stacks Image 114222
Run Animation in View
Stacks Image 114224
Mobile option
Stacks Image 114252
First Image
Add BG to the stack.
- Drag image from resources panel or disk
- Load image from URL
Stacks Image 114079
Stacks Image 114210
First & Second Image
Add BG to the stack.
- Drag image from resources panel or disk
- Load image from URL
Stacks Image 114236
Stacks Image 114240
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Edit Mode

Stacks Image 112501
A dashboard is available to ensure ease of use. The settings changes are reflected in the edit mode UI.
Options: Show/hide images, You can also minimize the panel to save space in edit mode.
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Smooth Animation

How to increase performances?

Choose the best combination between filters, filling method and animation.
You should try the animation in more than one browser, the stack deliver "cross platform web fonts" and the result is quite identical in all browsers.

The features requiring more resources are:
- CSS filters over the BG like Blur (or you can use 2 images)
- Further css filters applied to the stack with nested stack.


Can I use this Stack within other stacks?

Yes, you need to check that the animations are loaded on the main page; Stacks with lightbox or modal windows are not compatible.

Load images

How to load a Stacks4 "site image" in this stack?

- Publish the project ( to upload all "site images").
- In RW copy the URL from the Thumbnail in Resources panel.
- In the Stack Paste the image path into the URL field.
Stacks Image 111907

RW: Resources panel / site image

Stacks Image 111914

Stack: external "URL image"

RW8/Classic & Stacks4/5