Few lines for a clean style

Latest version: 1.1.7

- Fixed issue in content page with “Poster 2” Stack by InStacks.

Latest version: 1.1.6

- New option to hide Navigation.
- Fide issue in CSS consolidation.

Latest version: 1.1.5

RapidWeaver 8 advanced functionality.
Sliders for font size, global width and CSS filters for banner image.

- Change font size with Sliders, Content page and Extracontents
- Change global width with Sliders 850/2550pixel
- CSS filters for banner image
- New Photo Album layout
- New code for columns in RW page and responsive Videos
- Built-in Js & CSS: Updated and optimized
- Updated RapidWeaver 8 demo project


Theme option: responsive icons


Theme option: Responsive styled text


Rounded Thumbnails (on/off)


Sitemap Page


Edit colors with Color Picker


Theme option: Responsive Images


Built-In WebFonts for titles and classes


Extracontent areas

 Drop Images Here 

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Stacks Image 2221
Stacks Image 2223
Stacks Image 2209
Stacks Image 2225
Stacks Image 2211
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Stacks Image 2213
Stacks Image 2240
Stacks Image 2215
Stacks Image 2217
Stacks Image 2219
Stacks Image 2244
Stacks Image 7370
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Options with Sliders

RapidWeaver 8 advanced functionality for theme customization and several extra options.

Tilt Theme offers a distinctly creative perspective in building your site. Simple but striking design. Flat colors and clean graphics are its best features.
Not just responsive, our flexible layout allows you to choose any width or wide format. And, all of it will look great on any size screen.


Page load effects

special options