Extra content area n°4.
Options: Drop content on/off, Overlay on/off, Text button customizable, edit text and background colors
New option for the Photo album page: rounded thumbnails.
Disable "right click" to prevent downloading images:
This option prevent the downloading of images through the right button of the mouse.



surf in PURE CSS

Advanced navigation

The responsive drop navigation is made in CSS only with several options.

The top arrow works in according with the "back to top" button; Optimized for Touch Across Devices


Responsive Navigation: WebFont Off
Expanded Toolbar On/Off
Expanded subnemu On/Off

Theme Options

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Page Styles: 2 tile image + transparent white/black + color option.

Background Styles: BANNER IMNAGE +10 images + color option.

Stripes: 4 transparent images ( stripes white/grey) over the background.

Background Grid: 4 styles of transparent texture over the header image.

Combo Options: miscellaneous options about structure and text features.
Theme customized options are effective if easy to use. We have created a small list of favourite options to help you manage the theme easily and quickly. Each entry of the quick menu corresponds to a standard full menu!

Colours Options: With RW you can edit the text color, the page background and also the Extracontent Background.

Widths: 790, 860, 930, 1000, 1070, 1140 pixel +fluid (100% width) for exclusively use with stacks plugin + responsive columns.

Font: 4 Fonts ( text only )

Web Font: 21 Web Fonts ( global classes and titles)

Customize Style "Privacy Policy Message"
Font size: Content and ExtraContent Font Size.
In this theme you can set the font sizes with a slider

Back to Top Button: ( arrow) with animated scroll.

Awesome icons + Plus code:
Full support for the Awesome icons with our "Plus" code. Simple code to animate text, icons and images.

Tooltip: White and black styles

Extracontent: Extra Content 1 ( under the title), Extra Content 2 ( under the extrac.1) and Extra Content 3 ( under the bottom sidebar).

Logo: Logo is available for this theme.

Photo Album : Classic album with new page style or with Slideshow through prettyphoto.

Responsive Options:

Responsive Image:Turn any image in a responsive image without external plugins.

Expanded Toolbar: starts with menu opened

Expanded Submenu Toolbar: starts with all menu and submenu opened

navigation webfont: On/Off
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RW Project

Demo Project

Extended version of the demo online, RW Pages and Stack pages (external plugin). Easy to use and customize. Available for RW8 and RW Classic

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